Tracking in Frontend Submissions

Site administrators are given the option to opt-in to allow Frontend Submissions to send back usage data.  This is an explicit opt-in (a click on the allow button is required for it to occur). 

None of the data collected is sensitive.

Here's a full list of what we collect ( and why we collect it )

  • List of active plugins (so we know what plugins to test FES against)
  • Active theme (so we know what themes to test FES against)
  • Installed FES version (so we know what the usage of FES across versions, and also what data to expect)
  • Website URL (so we can ensure we don't double count sites)
  • The field types being used on the FES Forms (so we know which type of fields FES users are using so we know which ones we should spend the most time improving)
  • The number of vendors (so we can figure out how to make FES easier for users with both large and small numbers of vendors)
  • The values of the settings in the settings panels (so we can identify which settings people actually use and determine what features people might like based on it)
  • EDD Version (so we know how quickly we can ask people to use newer EDD versions with FES, to let us take advantage of new EDD functions)
  • Custom fields registered (if applicable)

Opting in to the data tracking with FES can be a tremendous help in finding bugs and guiding the future of this extension.  We would very much appreciate your participation.

The data collected is used only by the Easy Digital Downloads team, and is not shared, sold, transmitted, or otherwise with anyone else.