Dwolla Setup Instructions

Note: The extension this documentation refers to has been discontinued.

In order to use the  Dwolla EDD addon, you must have an account with Dwolla. if you do not already have one click the link below to create an account with Dwolla:


In order to take payments through Dwolla you will need to register an application. You can do so using the link below:


You can use any name you would like, the website address should be the URL of your website, and the permissions required you can check just account information - you do not get to view any account details but we need just the bare minimum.

Once your application is created it will generate a key and secret (Image 1), enter both of these along with your Dwolla ID found at the top of your Dwolla dashboard Image 2) into the gateway settings in Downloads > Settings > Payment Gateways.

Image 1

Image 2

When EDD is in test mode all Dwolla transactions will be processed as test transactions and no money will be transferred.