[edd_price] Shortcode

You may show the price of any EDD product anywhere by using the [edd_price] shortcode.  It requires a product ID, and optionally takes a price ID if you have variable pricing.

The simplest version looks like this:

[edd_price id='114']

where 114 is the product ID.  You can find the ID for a given product by visiting that product's admin page and either looking in the URL:

Or by looking in the Download Settings meta box on the side:

Variable Pricing

If you have variable pricing turned on you'll need to specify which price you want to print.  That would look something like this:

[edd_price id='114' price_id='2']

You can get the price ID in the Download Prices meta box:


The output will be something similar to this:


Where $ is the currency symbol ($ in this case)