Exporting Products from Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads has the ability to export existing products in a CSV format. This file can be opened with any application that can read CSV as well as be imported into another Easy Digital Downloads store. If your goal is to take this export and import it into another EDD store,  see our import documentation here.

Product exporting is done under Downloads → Reports → Export. On this page you'll find a box labelled Export Download Products in CSV.


The resulting CSV file will have a header row. Items are comma separated and enclosed in ASCII double quotes. Example:

"ID","Slug","Name","Date Created","Author","Description","Excerpt","Status","Categories","Tags","Price","Files","File Download Limit","Featured Image","SKU","Notes","Sales","Earnings"
"17","i-am-pippin-williamson-and-so-can-you","I am Pippin Williamson, and so can YOU","2016-05-17 14:03:50","topher","This is a test","","publish","ebooks","","20.00","http://example.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/2016/05/WCCHI_2014_page_speed.pdf","","","","This is my download note!","10","98.00000"
"45","pdf-test","PDF Test","2016-05-23 18:44:51","topher","","","publish","ebooks","pdf","1.00","http://example.com/wp-content/uploads/edd/2016/05/WCCHI_2014_page_speed.pdf","","","AAMAM2016","","0","0.00"