Marketplace Bundle Setup Overview

NOTE: the Marketplace Bundle has been discontinued and replaced with EDD Passes. Get a Professional or All Access pass to make use of the extensions needed for building a marketplace. See our Pricing page.

A Professional or All Access Pass includes everything you need to build and launch a marketplace site.

🏁 Check out this article for a quick overview of marketplaces. I covers what a marketplace is, why you'd want to build one, product ideas, and an overview on getting started with EDD.

Included are the following plugins:

Each of these plugins handles a specific aspect of a marketplace. See below for a quick summary of what each plugin is responsible for and where you can find additional documentation for the plugin.

Frontend Submissions

This plugin provides the frontend interface for vendors to register accounts, submit products, answer customer questions, edit products, and view their product performance. It provides what we call the Vendor Dashboard. Of all plugins necessary for running a marketplace, it is the most fundamental of them all.

The best place to get started with Frontend Submissions is the main overview page of the documentation. It will explain the various aspects of the plugin and will provide step-by-step directions on setting up the extension.


This plugin takes care of tracking earnings and sales for vendors. Anytime a product is sold that belongs to one or more vendors, the Commissions plugin will create and store a commission record for that sale. This record will be visible to vendors through their vendor dashboard.

The Commissions plugin also handles the payout processing for earnings vendors have accumulated. There are several ways vendors can be paid, so see the setup documentation for more information.


This plugin provides the ability for customers to leave ratings and reviews on products in your marketplace. Customer reviews are one of the most critical keys to the success of an online store.

The Reviews plugin is simple to configure as it does not have a lot of options and is mostly plug-and-play. See the setup documentation for more information.

Points and Rewards

This plugin allows you to create a rewards system that allows customers to earn and/or purchase points that can then be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

Points and Rewards is perfect for creating a store credit system.

See the external setup documentation for assistance with Points and Rewards configuration.

Social Login

This plugin provides an option for marketplace customers to register accounts on your site using their social network accounts. Social log in forms can be placed on your checkout screen, the default WordPress log in page, or anywhere else you wish.

See the setup documentation for more information and guidance.

Wish Lists

This plugin allows customers to add marketplace items to their wish list, making it far easier for them to come back and find the items they wanted to purchase at a later date. Wish lists can be public or private, letting customers choose whether they wish to create a wish list to share with friends or family, or to make one just for themselves.

See the complete setup documentation for Wish Lists for more information.

Recommended Products

This plugin displays similar and related products on product pages and/or on the checkout screen, helping customers find similar items based on what other customers have purchased.

If your marketplace contains a large number of items, this will be an important extension to help customers find the items they are looking for.

The setup documentation shows how to use the plugin.

Acquisition Survey

Acquisition Survey allows you to gather information from your customers during purchase about how they found you.

Once activated, a new “ How did you hear about us?” will be added to the checkout screen.

The options displayed in the field can be customized to best suit each site the extension is installed on.

Store admins also receive the option to view reports on what customers are selecting from the options, giving you a better idea of where your customers come from.

See the complete setup documentation for Acquisition Survey for more information.

Additional Extensions

All of the above extensions are included in the Marketplace bundle, but there are more extensions that you can buy individually to enhance your marketplace even more.  Here's a short list:

PayPal Adaptive Payments

With the PayPal Adaptive Payments gateway integration, you can easily split payments with up to 6 different receivers at the same time. You can set each receiver up with a specific percentage of the payment within the settings for this gateway. You can also determine whether you would like to use chained or parallel payments.

Simple Shipping

This extension is designed primarily for those people selling mostly digital products (as EDD is designed to do) with a few physical products on the site, perhaps DVD versions of your video downloads, or perhaps CDs of downloadable audio files. Perhaps even t-shirts to complement your digital brand.

With this extension you can easily collect shipping info from your customers during checkout, set shipping rates for domestic and international orders, and mark payments as being shipped or not.

Dropbox File Store

This extension allows you to provide your digital goods through the Dropbox storage / file sharing infrastructure. By using Dropbox to host your files you will gain the secure, high-availability capabilities provided free-of-charge by Dropbox as well as avoid any extra hosting or transfer fees on your own site.

EDD Product Badges

This extension allows site operators to add configurable image or text-based badges to individual products. Gamifying your marketplace can increase excitement and competition, and generally make it a more fun place to be.

EDD Wallet

This extension adds a deposit system to your website that allows your customers to purchase store credit and then redeem it at a later point for items in your store.

Customers who make deposits are given a wallet on your site that holds their balance. Funds can be added to the wallet at any time and withdrawn during checkout.

Purchase Limit

This extension allows you specify purchase limits on a per-product basis. Want to disable a specific file after it’s been purchased ten times? Now you can! Simply install this plugin, set your purchase limit, and you’re done!
Purchase Limits also allows you to limit the dates Downloads are available to be purchased by setting a start and/or end date.