Amazon Test Users Setup

When testing your Amazon checkout system, you use Test Users in your production environment.  This document will show you how to create those users.

When logged into Amazon Seller Central using your normal Amazon username, look in the top for a drop down next to the Search box that looks like this:

Click the dropdown menu and choose Amazon Payments Advanced (Sandbox View), like this:

On the new page that loads you'll see in the top left a nav item called INTEGRATION.  Under there you'll see Test Accounts.  Click Test Accounts.

On the resulting page you'll be offered a button to create test accounts.  The text on that page says this:

You can create test buyer accounts to test your integration in Sandbox. These accounts will be pre-loaded with test payment instruments and a set of shipping addresses. You can edit the test buyer account properties (except for the payment instruments) to help simulate various purchase scenarios.

Click the button that says "Create New Test Account" and you'll be presented with a screen like this one:

This needs a real email address and password, but your name could be fake.

Testing your Test Account

After you create this account it's time to test it.  First log out of Amazon, and then go to your store that has your Amazon Seller Account all set up.

Add something to your cart and then go to check out.  You should see something like this:

NOTE: the Pay button says Sandbox because my local EDD store is in Test Mode. See my setting below:

Next click on the Pay with Amazon link.

When you click Pay with Amazon it should open a pop-up window (watch out for pop-up blockers!) and ask you to log in:

ALERT: use your Test Account, NOT your actual Amazon account.

After you log in you'll be presented with a window like this one:

Click ok and the window will go away.  At that point your main page will reload and you'll be presented with a window like this:

At this point you may choose any combination of the information in this window to complete the sale, but you must choose at least an address and at least a credit card.

Then click the Purchase button on the checkout page.