Recount Stats

Recount Stats is a tool that allows you to reset cached versions EDD stats. Stats like Earnings and Sales are cached for the sake of speed. Occasionally those stats get out of sync with the actual totals and need to be reset.  Easy Digital Downloads comes with a tool built in to help with that.

Under Downloads → Tools → General you'll find a form like this:

This form will allow you to:

  • Recount Store Earnings and Sales: Recalculates the total store earnings and sales.
  • Recount Earnings and Sales for a download: Recalculates the earnings and sales stats for a specific download.
  • Recount Earnings and Sales for All downloads: Recalculates the earnings and sales stats for all downloads.
  • Recount Customer Stats: Recalculates the lifetime value and purchase counts for all customers.
  • Reset Store: Deletes all payment records, customers, and related log entries.

NOTE: Reset Store really deletes ALL your store transaction data. You'll still have products, but no more sales, customers, etc. This action is irreversible and cannot be undone, so please be careful.