Constant Contact Documentation

Note: The extension this documentation refers to has been discontinued.

Constant Contact is an excellent service for maintaining contact with your customers, and the  Constant Contact addon can help integrate your store with that service. This document will walk you through getting it all set up.

Setting up Constant Contact

A. If you do not have a Constant Contact account

For the purposes of this document you only need the most basic Constant Contact account. At the time of this writing they offer a free trial, that will work fine. You can go to and create an account.

Once you have an account and are logged in, you'll want to make a List.  This will hold the email addresses of your customers. Click on Set up your first list.

You'll be required to name your list and put in at least one email address.

B. If you do already have a Constant Contact account

You may use the lists you already have created, and you don't need to change your account in any way.

Getting a Constant Contact API key

Once you have a Constant Contact account you'll need to get an API key. Start by going to and click on the API Keys menu item.

Constant Contact uses a service called Mashery to manage its API. If you already have a Mashery account you may simply log in at this point. Otherwise click Sign up.

Once you've logged in you'll be asked to apply for access to the API.

Next you'll be presented with a form to fill out to make the API key. The only required field is the Application Name, and you can simply make up any name you like. 

Lower down, be sure to select Issue a new key for Constant Contact API, choose Standard API Access, and agree to the terms of service.After you complete the form you'll be presented with both a public and secret key.

NOTE: Once you have your API key Constant Contact will say the next step is to get a token. This is not needed for the EDD integration, and you may skip that step.