[edd_login] Shortcode

If you wish to display a login form for users that have created an account during registration (or any other time), Easy Digital Downloads includes a shortcode for doing so.

This shortcode will display a simple login form. It should be placed on the page that you wish to act as the login page:


Upon form submission, the customer is redirected to your Purchase History page.

Redirect Setting

If you'd like the customer to go to a different page after logging in you can set a default page under Downloads → Settings → General. There's an option called Login Redirect Page and it offers a drop-down list of all your pages. Simply choose one and click Save Changes and from then on when someone logs in with the shortcode form they'll be redirected to that page.

Redirect Parameter

Additionally, the shortcode also accepts an optional  redirect parameter that lets you set where users are redirected after they login. This option takes precedence in all cases. It will over ride the main setting under Settings.

[edd_login redirect="http://yoursite.com"]

When someone is logged in the text "You are already logged in" appears instead of the form.