Shop User Roles

Easy Digital Downloads includes Shop User Roles, designed to give shop owners much greater control over who can do what, and also make it easier for shops to bring on additional workers without having to worry about them having access to sensitive information.

Note: the WordPress role called Administrator has full access to all areas of the store.

Shop Manager

The Shop Manager role has full access to all Easy Digital Downloads features, as well as all the capabilities as the built-in WordPress Editor role.

Shop Accountant

Shop Accountants can see payment history, earnings, reports, and manage payments, Downloads, and customer.

Shop Worker

This role will allow the user or employee to edit / create products, categories, and tags. However, they will not have access to statistics or reports for the products. Shop workers can also access payment history.

Shop Vendor

The Shop Vendor role will allow a user to edit / create products specific to their user, but will not have access to anything else, including not being able to delete their own items. This is great for extending product management to multiple vendors within the site. Please note, this option does not transfer actual funds to these users.

Also, it is important to note that the Shop Vendor user role is not the same as a Vendor in the Frontend Submissions extension. Vendors created as a part of Frontend Submissions will have the user role of "Subscriber", and their permissions are only on the front-end of your WordPress website, where they are permitted to submit products using the Frontend Submissions form.

Assigning Shop User Roles
To assign a Shop User Role to a specific user, navigate to Users in your WordPress dashboard and select User(s). Specify the role via the roles menu and click "Change".