Importing Products from Easy Digital Downloads

Easy Digital Downloads can import products that have been exported from another Easy Digital Downloads site. If you are importing products from another store,  see our export guide here.

Payment importing is done under Downloads → Tools → Import/Export. On this page you'll find a box labelled Import Download Products.


Your CSV should be comma separated, with fields enclosed by double quotes. The order of the fields is not important, as you'll be mapping them in the next step.


Click Choose File and browse to your file. Then click  Import CSV.


Once your file is uploaded you'll see a list of Payment fields that need content, and a dropdown for each one, where you can map where the data is. Each dropdown will be populated with content from your CSV, so you'll be able to map accurately.

Additionally, as you choose a column, a value from the column will appear on the right, taken from the first row of data, as in the example below.

Note: If no data appears in the right column it is NOT a problem. That merely indicates that the row being used for examples doesn't contain data for that column.

Required Fields

The more fields you have the more complete your site data will be, which can be helpful when working with financial statements or customer information. That said, the really vital fields are the Product Title, Download Files, andProduct Price(s).

Mapping Fields From the CSV File

This chart will show which import field should map to which export column.

Product Field CSV Column
Product Author Author
Product Categories Categories
Product Creation Date Date Created
Product Description Description
Product Excerpt Excerpt
Product Image Featured Image
Product Notes Notes
Product Price(s) Price
Product SKU SKU
Product Slug Slug
Product Status Status
Product Tags Tags
Product Title Name
Download Files Files
File Download Limit File Download Limit
Sale Count Sales
Total Earnings Earnings

An example screenshot of the fields mapped properly:


If a payment's customer does not exist prior to importing, it will be automatically created upon import.

Duplicate Payments:
If you import the same CSV twice, it will create duplicate payments. It does not do any checking for duplicate payments at this time.