Compare Products

EDD Compare Products allows for side-by-side product comparisons to be easily generated. These comparisons can be created by a site owner and linked to in order to visually demonstrate important product differences to customers, and they can also by created by customers who would like to more easily compare products and make better buying decisions.

After installing and activating EDD Compare Products, a new button will be added to each item listed using the  [downloads] shortcode. It will look something like this:

As you can see in the above screenshot, a new button is added for each item which, when clicked, adds the item to the list of items to compare which can be viewed by clicking on the "Go to Comparison" button. Any number of items can be added to the comparison at one time.


Getting this plugin configured doesn't take much. The most important step is to create a new page ( or edit an existing page ) and include within the content of that page the [edd_compare_products] shortcode. Then navigate to Downloads - > Settings - > Extensions where you will see the Compare Products Settings which will look like this:

For these settings, the most important is to define a Default Comparison Page. This is the page that customers will be directed to when they click on the Go To Comparison button. The products that will be displayed on that page will be the products they selected on the page which lists all products.

Note: Any custom meta fields attached to a download will be available as options through the Settings area.

Viewing Comparisons

When someone selects products to compare and visits the comparison page, they will see the products listed side by side like so: