Vendd Filters

WordPress filters are used to edit or replace specific data within an action. For example, your WordPress website may output an HTML element that is wrapped in a filter that sets its display to true by default. However, you have the ability to programmatically remove that HTML element by setting its display to false using the filter.

Vendd 1.1.1 introduced a host of new filters that give you the same type of control over many product related elements. Below, you will find descriptions and working examples of the available filters.

Note: When using the examples, replace all instances of 123 with the post ID of your download.

[downloads] Shortcode

Vendd respects the functionality of EDD's native [downloads] shortcode but also gives you the ability to add extra elements. 

If Frontend Submissions (FES) is activated, each product will display author information on each product. The following filter allows you to display this information regardless of FES's state:

Single Download Sidebar

There are many elements in the default single download sidebar that are filtered. With FES activated, they will show by default. The following filter allows you to display this information regardless of FES's state:

Download Author Information (entire section)

Download Author Avatar

Download Author Name

Download Author Sign-up Date

Download Author Links

Download Sales

Download Sales Count

Download License State

Download Version Number

Header Area

When Easy Digital Downloads is activated, cart information will show in the site header on most pages (it never shows on the checkout page, landing page template, etc.). Using the following filter, you can remove it regardless of EDD's state:

Header Cart Display


Product Image Cropping

By default, Vendd will hard crop all product images for uniformity. To reverse this behavior and maintain the ratio of your original product image dimensions, use the following filter: