Easy Digital Downloads in Your Language

Easy Digital Downloads can be translated into any language, and is already available in 120 languages. The complete list of languages Easy Digital Downloads is available in is available here.

There are many other languages though, and we'd love your help in translating Easy Digital Downloads into every language.


Easy Digital Downloads uses a web based tool called  GlotPress which is hosted on  https://translate.wordpress.org. This allows anyone to help with translating without having to be a developer. Simply create an account on https://translate.wordpress.org and follow the instruction on our Translating Easy Digital Downloads document and you'll be contributing in no time!

Local Translating and Testing

While the main translation work has moved to GlotPress, it's still possible to create your own .po files and use them in a way that won't let them be over-written on updates.  Simply follow the instructions in our doc about  Using Your Own Translation Files.

If you want to download an existing language file you can look in  /easy-digital-downloads/languages in your plugins file for the proper .mo file.