Creating a Store Credit System With Points And Rewards

Easy Digital Downloads, combined with an extension, provides a really simple way to create a store credit system that you can use to award credit to your customers that can be put towards purchases. Perhaps you want to give a customer store credit for helping out in your support forums or for reporting a bug, or perhaps you want to give a customer credit in place of a refund due to a problem with their purchase. Whatever the reason, having a way to award store credit to your customers can be an exceptional way to build up a good relationship with your customers, and this tutorial is going to walk you through how to create such a system with Easy Digital Downloads.

Get the Necessary Extension

The first think you will need is a copy of the  Points and Rewards extension. This extension will provide everything we need to build our store credit system. The extension does several primary things:

  • Allows you to award points to customers for making purchases
  • Allows you to manually add points to a customer's balance
  • Allows customers to redeem their points for discounts on new purchases
  • Allows customers to view  their credit balance
  • Allows site admins to determine the point to dollar (or other currency) value

Configure Extension Settings

Once you have purchased, installed, and activated the Points and Rewards extension, go to  Downloads > Settings > Extensions and configure the Points and Rewards settings.

The exact way that you configure these settings is up to you and depends entirely upon what you want to achieve. To assist you, I'm going to provide a couple of scenarios:

1. Grant points (credit) for every purchase

In order to award customers points on each purchase they make, which can then be used for discounts on future purchases, you will want to configure the following settings:

  1. Earn Points Conversion Rate - Set this to the ratio you want. For example, setting both to 1 would mean that 1 point is equivalent to 1 dollar. Setting the first box to 100 and the second to 1 would mean that 1 dollar equals 100 points.
  2. Redeem Points Conversion Rate - This is the same as the setting above, but instead of determining the number of points awarded per amount spent, it determines the discount amount per point redeemed.
  3. The rest of the settings are optional (they're mostly labels) and can be configured however you wish.

2. Only award credit manually

If you wish to use Points and Rewards purely as a store credit system, meaning customers can redeem points but do not get awarded points for purchases, setup the settings as follows:

  1. Earn Points Conversion Rate - Set both of these boxes to 0.
  2. Redeem Points Conversion Rate - Most likely you will set this 1 to 1, meaning 1 point (credit) is worth a 1 dollar discount.
  3. The rest of the settings are optional (they're mostly labels) and can be configured however you wish.

Show Customers Their Credit Balance

A customer's credit balance can be viewed by the customer in two difference ways:

1. With the [edd_points_history] short code. When placed on a page and the user is logged in, a table like the one below will be displayed:


2.  From the user's WordPress profile page. Hovering over your username in the WordPress toolbar will show your current balance:


It is recommended that you  create an account page for customers and that you place the short code on the page.

Manually Awarding Store Credit

To award a custom store credit, do the following:

  1. Click on the main Users page from the WordPress Dashboard
  2. Search for the customer by their email or username
  3. Once located, hover over the Points column and click "Adjust", which will bring up a window that looks like this:
  4. Enter the number of credits to award and also (optionally) enter a note about this credit transaction

Redeeming Store Credit

Once a customer has accumulated store credit, it can be redeemed from the checkout page for a discount on the purchase. If a customer has credit available, it will be displayed to them like this:

Screenshot from 2013-11-11 12:42:26

Once the customer clicks "Apply Discount", the page will refresh and the purchase total will be updated to reflect the discount.

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