Frontend Submissions - Submission Form

In  Frontend Submissions the Submission Form allows Vendors to submit product to the store. Two fields are required for submissions, Title and Body.  After that the form should be built to reflect the type of product your vendors will be selling.

The image below showcases one of the most important custom fields, Prices and Files.

If "Single Price/Upload" is set to no then it becomes a repeatable field.  In the screenshot blow the Add File link has been pushed twice:

The fields in the above image reflect the options set in the top image; Vendors can set option names, set prices, and upload files.

If "Set Options" is checked then you as the site owner can pre-fill Names and Prices, as seen below.

More Information

The data entered in these fields by vendors can be displayed on the product pages but requires some custom development. See the the master Form Builder document for additional information.

The Easy Digital Downloads blog has an excellent post with some more technical instructions on how to use the submission form more fully.

Special Fields

Most of the fields you'll add to the submission form are self explanatory. However, some act a little bit differently than normal fields:

Terms and Conditions Field:

If you add a "Terms and Conditions" field to your submissions form, note that your Vendors only need to agree to it once. If you wish to have them agree every time they submit a product, you will want to use a regular checkbox field instead of the "Terms and Conditions" field.