Frontend Submissions - Product Moderation and Approval

In Frontend Submissions the site owner has the option of either allowing Vendors to add new product freely without review, or the site owner can require that each submission be held for moderation.  The former is by far the least work but requires that the site owner trust each and every Vendor to not put up anything inappropriate. The later prevents inappropriate material from showing up on the web site, but requires manual intervention from the site owner on every upload.


If the Front End Submissions settings are set to require admin approval for uploads then the product will show in the Vendor dashboard under Products, but not on the front of the site.  Here's what the settings look like in EDD FES → Settings → Permissions if submissions are set to be moderated:

When a Vendor submits a product an email is sent to the site admin and the product is inserted into the database as Pending.

Here's an example of a Pending product and an approved product.


If product uploads are set to be moderated then the store admin will need to go to the Downloads → All Downloads section to approve them.  Here's an example of the same two products as above, but in the Downloads Admin:

To approve it simply hover over the product name and click Approve, OR edit the product and change its status to Publish.


When a product is pending review, place product in Trash to Decline the submission of that product. The vendor will receive the Submission Declined email, if it's enabled.


To revoke a Vendor's approved product, place the product in the Trash and it will be revoked. The vendor will receive the Submission Revoked email, if it's enabled.