Frontend Submissions - Registration Form Editor

In  Frontend Submissions the Registration Form is required for Vendors to sign up to be Vendors.  When someone signs up it creates for them a WordPress account and assigns them a vendor role for Frontend Submissions.  Because this form creates users, all custom fields are stored in the user meta table.

User Creation

Because this form creates a WordPress user there are some fields that are required to be in this form.  They're the bare minimum for creating a WordPress user:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Display Name
  • User Email
  • User Login
  • Password

If the Vendor is logged in when filling out the registration form, the form will already know their username and password and those fields will be hidden.  The form will look something like this:

You can see that it doesn't ask for information it already has, and suggests information for the fields that can be changed.

If the Vendor is NOT logged in, then the form will look similar to this:

Field Creation

In addition to the required fields above, this editor for this form has access to the standard set of fields discussed in the overall  Form Editor document

Keeping in mind that this is a registration form to collect information about your Vendors, we suggest that you add some additional fields to the required fields.

Website URL:

This field cannot hold anything except a valid URL.  If the Vendor tries to put in something else it will bring up an alert saying only URLs are allowed.  In light of that, please make sure your Placeholder text and Default value accurately represent what's required.

This field requires a unique Meta Key.   Biographical Information

This field is built specifically for biographical information, and you may only have one per form.  For this reason, a Meta Key is NOT required, since it's built in.

This field has the option of being plain text, Rich Text with only a few buttons, or the full Rich Text area you'd normally see in Posts.  If you choose the full Rich Text area then it will include access to the Media Library. Terms & Conditions

Solid terms and conditions for working on your site can make conflict resolution go MUCH more smoothly.  Again, since you may only have one of these in your form, and it's built-in, a Meta Key is not required.

This field prints your terms and conditions in a text area so that they don't make the page very long, and provides a checkbox for agreeing. Demonstration Video