Amazon Payments Common Issues and FAQ

The setup for Amazon Payments can be tricky, and the error messages don't do a very good job describing what the real problem is.  Below are some known issues that we've run into.

Which countries support Amazon Payments?

The Amazon Payments FAQ currently says:

Amazon Pay is available for merchants with a place of establishment in the United States, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Sender Access Denied

This one appears when trying to submit a purchase.

This happens when you have mismatched MWS keys, either using Sandbox keys in a live environment, or Live keys in the sandbox.

Payments Appear Processed, But No Money Transfers

This can happen when the customer has Third Party Cookies turned off in their browser.

Invalid Credit Card Information

Your live Amazon Sellers account must have a valid credit card on file.  If you don't have one then your Amazon account will put up a notice like this:

Taxpayer Identification Information

Amazon will want your Tax information before everything will work smoothly.  If it's not set up properly then your Amazon page will render this error message:

Invalid Client ID

If you receive an error that your client_id is invalid or missing, this usually means one of two things:

  1. You have entered your Amazon Payments credentials incorrect in Downloads > Settings > Payment Gateways. Please verify that they have been entered correctly.
  2. Another plugin on your site is causing a conflict that prevents the client_id from being set properly on the EDD checkout screen. Plugins that are known to cause this issue include optimization plugins (such as Autoptimize), caching plugins that concatenate or combine javascript and CSS files, and any other plugin that modifies javascript or CSS on the site.

SSL Issues

SSL is required for Amazon Payments to work.  If yours isn't working in some way you'll see a window like this:

There are a variety of SSL related issues that could give this same error message.  Here are some things to check:

  • Make sure your browser is running in SSL mode.  Look for something like this in you browser's location bar:

  • Make sure you have "Enforce SSL on Checkout" turned on in the EDD Settings. Go to Downloads → Settings → Misc and you should see something like this:
  • During your initial setup of Amazon Payments for your Live system you were asked to enter two urls on your site.  One was the Amazon MWS Callback URL and the other is simply Allowed JavaScript Origins.  These URLs need to use SSL and they need to be in the proper place.

    To get them in the proper place, first log into your  Amazon Seller Account.  Then in the top right is a drop down list. that looks like this:

    Click that drop down list and choose Login With Amazon.  At that point you'll be presented with a page showing many things, but the important part looks like this:

    Make sure you have the proper URLs in there with SSL.  The "Allowed Return URLs" in the above image is called the Amazon MWS Callback URL in your EDD settings.