Fraud Monitor - Overview

Fraudulent transactions are a common occurrence in this day and age of identity theft.  These transactions in your Easy Digital Downloads store can be time consuming to deal with, expensive to pay for, and could even get you black listed by payment gateways.

The Fraud Monitor addon uses a variety of tests to filter every transaction looking for attributes commonly associated with fraudulent purchases.  These tests are configured by the site owner.

NOTE: Before Fraud Monitor will begin monitoring payments, the settings must be configured.

Transactions are filtered based on the settings configured by the store owner.  Filters can be based on

  • IP Address
  • Country
  • Email address
  • Behavior based on formula created by the store owner

Once a transaction has been flagged a fraudulent it's placed in a holding area for review by the store owner.


Below is an example of the list of fraudulent transactions.  It shows one transaction for $10.00, with one signal being caught.

In the screenshot below we can see the details of the transaction listed above.  Note the top right box where you can choose to approve the transaction or confirm it as fraud.

In the screenshot below we see the same transaction as above, but in the top right box we've chosen to mark it as fraud, and revoke the transaction.