Fraud Monitor - Settings

Fraud Monitor addon settings are stored under Downloads → Tools → Fraud Monitor.

The initial tab contains the General settings.  


There are three sections on the General tab.

General Settings

The option is Moderate Free Purchases.  Typically this is off since financial fraud isn't an option, but it may be turned on to work in conjunction with other settings to prevent other kinds of abuse.

Admin Notifications

This allows an admin notification email to be sent when a transaction is flagged for fraud.  The configuration for these emails is in Downloads → Settings → Emails.

Customer Notifications

This will send an email to the customer letting them know the transaction is under review.

Note: if a flagged payment is actually fraudulent then the email address attached to the transaction may not work at all, resulting in a bounceback. This is a common practice.

IP Addresses

Transactions from any IP address placed into the text area shown in the screenshot will immediately be held for review.  IP addresses should be entered one per line.


You may configure Fraud Monitor to disallow transactions from specific countries.  In the screenshot above the United Kingdom and Andorra.  To choose more countries you may click the input to see a list of countries or start typing to limit the list.

Fraud Monitor can be configured to detect differences in the billing information and IP address location to possibly flag a payment for review.


Note: this is for email domains, not full email addresses.

Placing a domain like into the text area provided will make it so any transaction using that domain in the buyer's email address will cause it to be held for moderation.

Additional Email Settings

Optionally you may choose to also check email addresses for patterns typically associated with fraudulent activity.  This looks at the entire email address and compares it against known patterns common in fraudulent purchases.


This section allows you to make a variety of settings specific to your own products and prices to create a filter customized to your needs.

User History

Typically once a transaction has been approved that purchaser bypasses the Fraud Monitor. This section gives you the opportunity to require checks for every user on every transaction.

Limit Thresholds

This section allows you to set maximum values for:

  • Total Purchase Amount
  • Total Purchased Items
  • Total Purchased Bundles

These three options together can help you make some obvious thresholds for Fraud Monitor. 

For example, if you only sell one product, and it doesn't make sense to buy more than one copy, set the Total Purchased Items to 1.

Another example involves selling 4 things for $1.00 each.  You could set the  Total Purchase Amount to $4.00, since there's no good reason for people to buy more than one copy.

For  Total Purchased Bundles, imagine a scenario where you have two bundles and one bundle includes everything that the other bundle includes, plus more. Buying both bundles would be a waste, since the contents of one are in  the other.  If these were the only bundles on the site, then you'd set the value of Total Purchased Bundles to 2.

Product Combinations

This section simply allows you to create combinations of products that would indicate a fraudulent purchase. For example, buying an ebook on weight loss while ALSO buying an ebook on weight gain seems unlikely, so you could make that combination.