Fraud Monitor - Payment Moderation

With the EDD Fraud Monitor addon, when payments are flagged as fraudulent they're stored in the Payment Moderation page.  The menu item for the Payment Moderation page will have a number next to it indicating how many items are being held for moderation, as seen in the screenshot on the right.

Moderation List

The moderation list, as seen above, tells us these things about each payment:

  • Payment ID
  • Email address of the customer (with link to View/Edit or Delete)
  • Total Payment Amount
  • Number of reasons it was flagged
  • Payment date
  • WordPress username (with link to filter this page by that user only)
  • Payment status

Clicking delete under the email address deletes the payment, while View/Edit takes you to the screen for managing the payment.

Processing a Payment in Moderation

The Payment screen for a Payment held in moderation is exactly like any other payment except for the Fraud Monitor box in the top right, seen here to the right.

In the Fraud Monitor box you can see a list of Reasons this Payment was marked fraudulent.

Under that are two buttons, one to Accept as Valid and one to Confirm as Fraud.

Accept as Valid

Clicking Accept as Valid simply removes it from the Payment Moderation area and it once again is a normal Payment.

This also finishes the transaction by sending a receipt and the proper emails.

Confirm as Fraud

Clicking "Confirm as Fraud" opens a small interface for choosing a way to mark the payment, as seen here on the right.  The options are

  • Refunded
  • Revoked
  • Deleted
If the payment gateway used for the payment supports refunds then the refund will happen automatically.  Otherwise it will have to be done manually after making this setting.
This does not attempt a refund, but prevents the product from being downloaded.
This option simply deletes the payment entirely.  Payment Fraud very serious, if you choose this option make sure the matter was resolved in some way.