Misc Settings

This area handles a variety of settings that don't quite fit in a larger group. It's broken into sections called

  • Misc Settings
  • Button Text
  • File Downloads
  • Terms of Agreement

Misc Settings

Redirect to Checkout

Normally when an item is added to the cart the end user remains on the shopping page, and can optionally click to go to the checkout page. With Redirect to Checkout turned on the end user is taken directly to the checkout page.

Item Quantities

This allows the customer to set a quantity of a single item for purchase on both the Add to Cart buttons and the Checkout.

Remove Data on Uninstall?

When EDD is uninstalled, your data typically remains in the database. If you'd like to remove that data, check this option.

Button Text

Complete Purchase Text

The button label for completing a purchase on the checkout page.

Add to Cart Text

Text shown on the Add to Cart Buttons.

Buy Now Text

Text shown on the Buy Now Buttons.

File Downloads

Download Method

Servers can use different methods of telling the browser the download should be saved rather than attempting to display it. This option gives you a choice in how your server delivers the item to the browser. See What is the difference between Forced Download and Redirect Download? for more details on this setting.

File Download Limit

When a customer purchases an item, by default they can download it as many times as they'd like. This option limits that, so a download URL will expire after a certain number of uses. This value can be over-written on a per-item basis, so you can use it on some items and not others.

For example, a download limit of 5 allows the customer to download each file 5 times.

You can provide customers with an additional download by resending the purchase receipt from the Payment History window. Doing this will increment the download limit by one.

Download Link Expiration

This allows you to set a certain number of hours in which the customer may download the item from that specific URL after purchase.

Disable Redownload?

This option hides the download link on the customer's Account page. If they keep their receipt they'll still be able to download from there, so if it's vital they not be allowed to download later you should also set the File Download Limit to 1 or set a short Download Link Expiration.

Terms of Agreement

Agree to Terms

Check this to show an agree to terms on the checkout that users must agree to before purchasing

Agree to Terms Label

Label shown next to the agree to terms check box

Agreement Text

This provides a Rich Text box to enter your Terms Of Agreement.