Frontend Submissions - Addon Compatibility

Frontend Submissions is compatible with many Easy Digital Downloads add-ons.

Amazon S3

This add-on is fully compatible with Frontend Submissions though with some minor behavioral changes. Uploading works exactly the same but vendors may not browse the server. If they need to change files you simply upload a new one. If they need to revert they cannot browse to the original file, they have to re-upload that original file. Read more information about Amazon S3 and Frontend Submissions here.


Frontend Submissions and the  EDD Bookings extension are fully compatible, allowing vendors to submit booking products.


Frontend Submissions is fully compatible with the Commissions extension for Easy Digital Downloads. You can read about how that integration works in this document

Custom Deliverables

With Frontend Submissions and  Custom Deliverables your vendors can deliver customized files to their customers. Note - If you want your Vendors to be notified when one of their products sells, you need to use the Commissions extension - which also lets you split the profits from a sale with the Vendor as well.


The Dropbox File Store extension is incompatible with Frontend Submissions.

EDD Message

EDD Message integrates perfectly with Frontend Submissions. With both active it is possible to send unique, custom messages directly to vendors. Additionally vendors can send messages directly to their own customers.

Purchase Limit

There's no direct integration between Purchase Limit and FES. But if you add a text field to your submission form and give it a meta key of _edd_purchase_limit, the value entered by the vendor will be set as the limit. Please note this will only work if they're submitting a single price product. If they are using variable prices, there is no way to do this. You'd have to edit the submitted products manually as admin.

Recurring Payments

Recurring Payments and FES are not fully integrated. Vendors will not be able to set recurring payment details in the submission form. However, recurring payment functionality can be enabled for vendor-uploaded products through the Edit Download screen once submitted.

Simple Shipping

When Simple Shipping and Frontend Submissions are both active, a "Shipping" field will become available in the "Add Extension Created Fields" section of the Submission Form. When this form is added to the Submission Form, vendors will be able to define their own international and domestic shipping rates for each product. Additionally, if a Country field is added to the vendor profile form with the meta key "vendor_country", shipping calculations at checkout will be based on that value instead of the one saved in the Simple Shipping settings.   See detailed instructions here.


EDD Slack includes an integration with Frontend Submissions. With EDD Slack it is possible to receive notifications within your Slack channels when vendors register, submit products and edit products as well as when customers contact vendors. Additionally, EDD Slack can include interactive buttons within notifications for vendor application, submission and product edit so that you can approve or reject the request right from Slack without having to login to your WordPress dashboard.

Software Licensing

The  Software Licensing extension is incompatible with Frontend Submissions.

Other Plugins

If you think perhaps you've found a conflict, or are wondering about a specific plugin, feel free to  open a support ticket and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

Discontinued Plugins:

Audio Player

The Audio Player add-on is fully compatible with Frontend Submissions.

Download Image Watermarks

While completely compatible, watermarks are configured by the site admin. Vendors cannot control the watermark settings.

PDF Stamper

PDF Stamper is partially supported. The stamps applied to PDF files must be configured by site admins (vendors have no control over PDF Stamper), but once configured, any PDF file that is sold by a vendor will get watermarked