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  • Purchase Limit Setup

    Once the Purchase Limit plugin is installed you can navigate to Downloads→Settings→Extensions→Purchase Limit to adjust the configuration of the extension. There are two places to manage settings.

  • Limit the number of times a product can be purchased

    In general, digital products do not have a need for stock control, but on occasion, such as for users selling tickets or other "digital" items that have a limited quantity, the ability to limit the to

  • Limiting When Downloads Can Be Purchased

    In certain scenarios you may wish to limit when a product is available for purchase, such as when selling event tickets or other limited-availability items. The Purchase Limit extension lets you do ex

  • EDD Slack - Integrations

    Easy Digital Downloads - Frontend Submissions If  Frontend Submissions is active, the following Triggers become available: New Vendor Application New Vendor Product If Vendors are given permission to

  • Frontend Submissions - Addon Compatibility

    Frontend Submissions is compatible with many Easy Digital Downloads add-ons. Amazon S3 This add-on is fully compatible with Frontend Submissions though with some minor behavioral changes. Uploading wo

  • Software Licensing - Manually add preset license keys

    Many users purchase our  Software Licensing extension to take advantage of automatic updating functionality. While updates are the focal point of the extension, they only work because Software Licensi

  • Marketplace Bundle Setup Overview

    NOTE: the Marketplace Bundle has been discontinued and replaced with Passes. See our Pricing page. The Marketplace Bundle includes everything you need to get started building and launching your market

  • Misc Settings

    This area handles a variety of settings that don't quite fit in a larger group. It's broken into sections called Misc Settings Checkout Settings Button Text File Downloads Accounting Settings Terms

  • Customer must login to complete payment. Why?

    Since the release of version 2.7, Easy Digital Downloads has included the ability to recovery abandoned or pending purchase records. If the user's browser is still in its purchase session, the product

  • Why can't a customer see their purchase history in their account?

    If a customer cannot see their purchase history in their account, it may be due to one of the common reasons listed below: 1. The customer may have used a different email address to purchase  Check th

  • Purchase Rewards

    EDD Purchase Rewards allows the store owner to give a coupon code to a customer as a reward for making a purchase. That reward can be a percentage off, or a flat fee discount on a future purchase.  ED

  • Purchase History page

    A Purchase History page is created for you when EDD is activated, but if you delete it, or wish to move it, here are the steps. Either create a new page, or edit an existing page In the content area p

  • Customizing the Purchase History Template

    The purchase history is shown on any page with the [purchase_history] short code. It will show the ID, the date, and the amount of each purchase the current user has made. It will also display downloa

  • Multiple Discount Codes Per Purchase

    Since Easy Digital Downloads version 1.7 and later, there is an option to allow customers to redeem multiple discount codes per purchase. This means that instead of just using one discount, customers

  • How can I resend the purchase receipt?

    Oftentimes the receipt is the only place your customer keeps a link to the product they've downloaded. If they lose that receipt, or if it never gets through on the initial send, you'll probably hear

  • Show purchase buttons in template files with edd_get_purchase_link()

    You can manually display a purchase link for any product by using the edd_get_purchase_link() function. This will output the purchase options for the specified product. In its simplest form, the funct

  • Extension License Key Settings

    Table of Contents Inactive Active Nearly Expired Expired Disabled Common Questions Easy Digital Downloads is built to have extended functionality through paid extensions. In order for those extensions

  • [purchase_history] Shortcode

    You can show a user’s complete purchase history by placing the [purchase_history] short code in any WordPress page. The purchase history includes date and amount of each purchase, as well as the assoc

  • edd_purchase_receipt

    This filter can be used to modify the purchase receipt email that is sent to users after purchasing downloads. The filter accepts three parameters: $message – an HTML string containing the contents of

  • edd_complete_purchase

    This action runs when a payment is marked as complete. Since EDD v1.6 do_action( 'edd_complete_purchase', $payment_id ); Simple example function pw_edd_on_complete_purchase( $payment_id ) { // Basic p

  • [purchase_collection] Shortcode

    The [purchase_collection] allows you to make a unique category-based collection of products to be sold as a package.  Here are some examples: You sell a plugin that has some suggested addons. Put them

  • [purchase_link] Shortcode

    The [purchase_link] short code is used to display a purchase button for any download anywhere your site. The button / link that is outputted will add the specified digital product to the shopping

  • Software Licensing – Usage Instructions

    Software Licensing is an extension for Easy Digital Downloads that makes it easy to license your digital products. Learn more at the main Easy Digital Downloads website. Table of Contents Activating Y

  • Fraud Monitor - Configuring Geofencing

    The Geofencing feature of Fraud Monitor (introduced in version 1.1), adds the ability for store owners to flag payments that are outside of a 'fenced' area, based off geolocation data. By using the Go

  • Software Licensing - Product Bundle Licensing

    This document explains how to configure license key generation for bundle products with Software Licensing. For non bundle products, see the general usage documentation. When selling licensed

  • Dropbox Sync Setup Documentation

    Once  Dropbox Sync is activated (see  here for instructions on how to install an extension), a new "Dropbox Sync" submenu will be added to the main Downloads menu. In the Dropbox Sync page, you will b

  • All Access - Creating All Access Products

    This document demonstrates how to create an All Access product using the EDD All Access extension for Easy Digital Downloads. Creating an All Access product.  In order to allow your customers to purch

  • edd_email_purchase_receipt()

    This function can be used for resending the email purchase receipt for any purchase. If you ever want to resend the purchase receipt, but need to use your own methods (instead of the built-in option i

  • edd_purchase_form_bottom

    This action runs at the bottom of the purchase form, just before the closing tag.

  • edd_purchase_link_top

    This action runs just before the purchase link is outputted, both for the `[purchase_link]` short code and the `edd_get_purchase_link()` function. do_action( 'edd_purchase_link_top', $download_id, $sh

  • edd_complete_download_purchase

    This action runs once for each download product that is purchased. It runs only once the payment is marked as complete. Since EDD v1.6 do_action( 'edd_complete_download_purchase', $download_id, $payme

  • edd_after_purchase_form

    This action runs just after the purchase form, after the closing tag.

  • edd_purchase_link_end

    This action runs just after the purchase link is outputted, both for the `[purchase_link]` short code and the `edd_get_purchase_link()` function. do_action( 'edd_purchase_link_end', $download_id );

  • edd_before_purchase_form

    Runs just before the purchase form (the form users enter all of the personal information into).

  • edd_purchase_form_top

    Runs just after the purchase form HTML tag is opened and before any of the input fields.

  • edd_update_edited_purchase

    This action runs when a payment is edited from the admin screen. do_action( 'edd_update_edited_purchase', $payment_id );

  • Manually Creating Purchases

    If you would like to be able to manually create purchases and assign them to any registered user or guest, you will need the  Manual Purchases extension. Manual purchases are often used if a customer

  • Fraud Monitor - Settings

    Fraud Monitor addon settings are stored under Downloads → Tools → Fraud Monitor. The initial tab contains the General settings.   General There are three sections on the General tab. General Settings

  • Variable Pricing

    Table of contents What is variable pricing? Standard variable pricing Multi-option purchase mode Associated product files Variable pricing with Bundles Common use cases Selling music albums Licensing

  • edd_purchase_form_after_submit

    This action runs at the end of the “edd_purchase_submit” fieldset and just after the purchase submit button.

  • edd_purchase_form_login_fields

    This action runs at the bottom of the checkout login fields and can be used for adding additional fields to the login form. This action has been deprecated in version Please use edd_checkout_

  • edd_purchase_form_required_fields

    The  edd_purchase_form_required_fields filter is used to change which fields during checkout are required. For an example, see this doc.

  • edd_purchase_form_user_info

    Runs at the bottom of the “edd_checkout_user_info” fieldset. This is the set of fields for entering email, first and last names.

  • edd_purchase_form_register_fields

    This action runs at the bottom of the checkout registration fields and can be used for adding additional fields to the registration form.

  • edd_purchase_form_before_submit

    This action runs at the top of the “edd_purchase_submit” fieldset and just before the purchase submit button.

  • edd_has_user_purchased()

    This conditional function will allow you to check whether a user has purchased a particular digital product. The function takes two parameters: $user_id – the ID number of the user to check $download_

  • Stripe - Test Purchases

    The Stripe Payment gateway referenced on this page allows you to connect your account to Easy Digital Downloads. Learn more at the main Easy Digital Downloads website. In order to test the 

  • Allow customers on a subscription to have access to all products

    Note: the best way to handle giving All Access is with the   All Access extension for Easy Digital Downloads. Table of Contents Step 1 - Purchase the Recurring Payments extension Step 2 - Create the s

  • Payments - Overview

    Easy Digital Downloads keeps a detailed record of all purchases made on your site. Each purchase, even if failed or incomplete, creates a new payment which you can view in your dashboard. Payments can

  • Manually Editing Payments

    Payment records in Easy Digital Downloads can be modified at any time. To edit a payment, navigate to Downloads - > Payment History and click on "View Order Details". Once you have made your desired c