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  • Social Discounts Setup

    Once activated, a new “Social Discounts” section will appear under Downloads → Settings → Extensions. You’ll first want to select the social networks you’d like people to share to, and then select you

  • Social Discounts - Filters

    The following filters are available to developers when the Social Discounts addon is activated: edd_social_discounts_classes edd_social_discounts_share_title edd_social_discounts_share_message edd_soc

  • Social Discounts - Shortcode Usage

    With Social Discounts, by default, the sharing buttons will be shown automatically after the content on all your products. By using the included shortcode you can fine tune the placement on a per prod

  • Social Discounts - CSS Styling

    Social Discounts only has 2 CSS selectors that are injected into the page, making for a total of only 1 line of CSS. It’s also only loaded when needed. A .shared CSS class is added dynamically to the

  • Adding [edd_social_discount] to your checkout page

    When a customer lands on your checkout page they have shown a desire in purchasing from you. This is a perfect opportunity to offer them a discount on their order in exchange for a social share with 

  • Community Extension Tutorials

    Articles listed here are written by EDD users but are specific to EDD extension configuration. EDD Social Discounts Filter the sharing URL in EDD Social Discounts EDD Hide Download Hide event tickets

  • Discounts

    The  wp edd discounts command provides a list of discount codes available in your store. It accepts an optional --id=# parameter to allow you to view the details of a specific discount code: wp edd di

  • Discounts Pro Setup Documentation

    Setup Once you have the  Discounts Pro extension installed, there will be a new sub menu item under the Downloads menu called Discounts Pro. If you need any assistance installing the extension, please

  • EDD REST API - Discounts

    The EDD REST API provides the /discounts/ endpoint, which allows you to retrieve information about your the discounts that exist in your store. A basic discounts query looks like this: http://example.

  • Restrict Content Pro Member Discounts

    Restrict Content Pro is a simple, yet powerful membership solution for WordPress. The Restrict Content Pro Member Discounts extension for EDD allows you to create discounts based on Restrict Content

  • Social Login

    Note: The extension this documentation refers to is now supported by the developer, wpweb. The  Social Login extension for Easy Digital Downloads allows customers to log into your store using an accou

  • Easy Digital Downloads Social Links Extension

    Note: The extension this documentation refers to has been discontinued. To get started with EDD  Social Links, the first thing you will want to do is install and activate it on your WordPress site. Fo

  • [download_discounts] Shortcode

    If you wish to create a promotional section of your website for showing off the currently available discount codes you have, you can use the [download_discounts] short code. This short code will displ

  • Discount Codes

    Discount codes allow you to offer products at a discount through a variety of means. Exact amounts off, percentages off, during specific times, etc. Unless requirements or exclusions are placed on

  • Discount codes: NULL error message when applying discount

    If you receive an error message that says NULL when attempting to apply a discount code, it means that another plugin, script, or configuration on your site is blocking Easy Digital Download's ability

  • edd_update_discount

    This filter is applied to the discount data just before a discount is created. apply_filters( 'edd_insert_discount', $discount_details); $discount_details is an array of all fields for the discount.

  • Hiding the discount code

    If you want to hide the discount code from appearing on the purchase confirmation page, use this filter: add_filter( 'edd_purchase_rewards_show_discount_code', '__return_false' );

  • edd_post_insert_discount

    This action runs after a discount code is created. It receives two parameters: `$discount_details` and `$discount_id`. $discount_details is an array containing all fields for the discount, such as nam

  • edd_pre_insert_discount

    This action runs just before a discount code is created. It receives one parameter: $discount_details. $discount_details is an array containing all fields for the discount, such as name, type, amount,

  • edd_pre_update_discount

    This action runs just before a discount code is updated. It receives two parameters, `$discount_details` and `$discount_id`. `$discount_details` is an array containing all fields for the discount, suc

  • edd_post_delete_discount

    This action just after a discount code is deleted. It receives one parameters: `$discount_id`. do_action( 'edd_post_delete_discount', $discount_id );

  • edd_post_update_discount

    This action runs after a discount code is updated. It receives two parameters, $discount_details and $id. $discount_details is an array containing all fields for the discount, such as name, amount, ty

  • edd_pre_delete_discount

    This action just before a discount code is deleted. It receives one parameters: `$discount_id`. do_action( 'edd_pre_delete_discount', $discount_id );

  • edd_post_update_discount_status

    This action just after the status of a discount code is changed. do_action( 'edd_post_update_discount_status', $discount_id, $new_status, $old_status );

  • wp_ajax_edd_apply_discount

    This is the action that is run when the “Apply Discount” link is clicked from the checkout page by a logged-in-user.

  • edd_pre_remove_cart_discount

    This action just before a discount is removed from the shopping cart. do_action( 'edd_pre_remove_cart_discount', $discount_id );

  • edd_post_remove_cart_discount

    This action just after a discount is removed from the shopping cart. do_action( 'edd_post_remove_cart_discount', $discount_id );

  • edd_pre_update_discount_status

    This action just before the status of a discount code is changed. do_action( 'edd_pre_update_discount_status', $discount_id, $new_status, $old_status );

  • Multiple Discount Codes Per Purchase

    Since Easy Digital Downloads version 1.7 and later, there is an option to allow customers to redeem multiple discount codes per purchase. This means that instead of just using one discount, customers

  • wp_ajax_nopriv_edd_apply_discount

    This is the action that is run when the “Apply Discount” link is clicked from the checkout page by a non-logged-in-user.

  • Recurring Payments - Software Licensing Integration

    Software Licensing works seamlessly with Recurring Payments. Here are some of the highlights: It fully integrates with software upgrades. Renewal discounts are applied properly. Cancelling a subscript

  • Marketplace Bundle Setup Overview

    NOTE: the Marketplace Bundle has been discontinued and replaced with Passes. See our Pricing page. The Marketplace Bundle includes everything you need to get started building and launching your market

  • Can I include a discount code in a URL?

    Yes you can.  Here's an example: The important part is the ?discount=CODE where CODE is your discount code. This code works on any URL on your site, and it's the

  • Promotional Sale Terms and Conditions

    This document is an extension of the main Terms and Conditions document, and refers specifically to issues related to items purchased during a sale or promotion time. Purchases before / after the sale

  • Showing the Cart Total in Your Template

    The edd_get_cart_total() function will let you show the total price of all items in the shopping cart anywhere in your template. This function will return the total price of all items in the shopping

  • Commands Overview

    Easy Digital Downloads v2.1 introduced an integration with  WP-CLI. This doc contains a list of all of the commands you can use in WP-CLI for EDD. The following commands are available: wp edd customer

  • EDD REST API - Endpoints

    The  EDD REST API includes six endpoints for accessing information, each for performing a specific kind of request: stats - For retrieving earnings / sales stats specific dates, date ranges, and speci

  • External training series for Easy Digital Downloads

    In addition to the docs here on our web site, a number of other sites have done tutorials on how to use Easy Digital Downloads. OSTraining - Topher DeRosia While normally OSTraining videos are behind

  • Creating a Store Credit System With Points And Rewards

    Easy Digital Downloads, combined with an extension, provides a really simple way to create a store credit system that you can use to award credit to your customers that can be put towards purchases. P

  • How do I renew an existing license key?

    You may renew the license key you have without having to buy a new key. There are several ways to renew, see each option below: Renew From Your Email Reminder Your first notice that your license is go

  • WP Fastest Cache

    In order to use WP Fastest Cache with Easy Digital Downloads, there are a quite a few settings to change. This is a basic list of the settings that need to be configured. Settings Logged-in Users:

  • Importing Payments from CSV

    Easy Digital Downloads has the ability to import payments in a CSV format.  To learn more about exporting payments from Easy Digital Downloads read this documentation. To read about importing payments

  • Reviews - Settings

    The settings for Reviews are found under Downloads → Settings → Extensions → Reviews. Reviews are only valuable if they accurately represent the feelings of the users. Most of the settings are

  • Payments - Overview

    Easy Digital Downloads keeps a detailed record of all purchases made on your site. Each purchase, even if failed or incomplete, creates a new payment which you can view in your dashboard. Payments can

  • EDD_HTML_Elements

    The EDD_HTML_Elements class provides a series of helper methods for rendering commonly used HTML fields with consistent markup, class names, and attributes. The class includes methods for the followin

  • EDD REST API - Sales

    The EDD REST API provides access to sales data via the /sales/ endpoint. The sales endpoint allows for you to query the database and retrieve information for recent sales. A basic sales query looks li

  • Jilt - Overview

    Jilt email marketing platform Jilt is an email marketing platform designed for the needs of Easy Digital Downloads stores. It makes it easy to send rich, automated marketing and transactional emails

  • Gateway Fees Setup

    Gateway Fees allows you to charge customers additional fees depending on the payment method used to complete a purchase. Alternatively, you can also use this extension to give discounts for using cert

  • Commissions - Frequently Asked Questions

    The Commissions add-on allows you to automatically record and track commissions for download sales. A commission is a percentage of the total product price that is paid out to a specified user, meanin

  • Do I Need SSL?

    The short answer is yes. Web site encryption should be a required part of every eCommerce transaction for a wide variety of reasons, both technological and social. Let's take a look at several. First,